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Why is fire door compliance important?

Fire door safety aligns your property with UK building regulations. It helps you to avoid considerable government fines. Above all else, fire door compliance saves lives.

Fire doors exist to:

  • Restrict the spread of fire and/or smoke
  • Provide occupants with a quickly accessible escape route
  • Prevent injuries and minimise risk to life

Many fire doors fail to meet these criteria because they are incorrectly specified or installed. Furthermore, a lack of awareness amongst installers and fabric engineers has led to ineffective maintenance. Often, this ends up damaging the fire door's performance even further.

At Fire Doors Complete, we're dedicated to educating others in the nuances of fire safety law. From fire door training, to fire door inspection, to fire safety consultancy, we're here to help building operators and installers gain a comprehensive understanding of how to comply with UK building regulations.

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Call us on 07970 201231 or email

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Why Choose Fire Doors Complete?

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Experience & Expertise

Our founder, Neil Ashdown, has spent decades working with fire doors. We have provided fire door training, inspections, surveys and consultancy across multiple sectors.

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Real-World Knowledge

Everything we do deals directly with everyday public safety and real-world experience. The skills we teach and services we provide are grounded in real-life fire safety situations.

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Affordable & Accessible

In the interest of safety, our fire door services are open to everyone. We've developed an ethos centred around clarity, breadth, and affordability.

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UK-Wide Training

Our team members are happy to travel anywhere in the UK to provide training, inspection or consultancy. We strive to make fire door safety as accessible as possible, no matter where your business is based.

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Our Clients

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Who are Fire Doors Complete?

We were founded in 2009 by Neil Ashdown, one of the UK's leading experts in fire door safety. Since then, we've been committed to providing our clients with comprehensive, jargon-free information, based on practical, real-life fire door safety situations.

We work with:

  • Joinery companies
  • Door fabricators
  • Housing associations
  • Builders and installers
  • Landlords
  • Facilities maintenance companies
  • Healthcare and education institutions

Across multiple sectors, our common goal is to help businesses, institutions, and individuals to comply with UK building regulations. As a founding member of the Affiliation of Fire Door Inspectors, we are fully qualified to provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge and support.

About Us
Emergency Exit

I would like to thank Neil for the training that he has provided to our Company. His knowledge, experience and expertise on fire doors is exceptional. All who took part thoroughly enjoyed the training and now feel more confident in the maintenance and installation of fire doors and take the knowledge gained into their daily duties.

David Todd


It has been a pleasure learning about Fire Doors and all the information and self tests that were given with the course was spot on and easy to use.

Declan Rooney


Neil Ashdown would be my go to guy on fire doors. Unrivalled experience. He's a guy you can trust.

Dex Allen


Thank you. I am new to the world of fire doors and it has been a good learning process for me, so thankyou for your patience with my various questions. I’m sure that now I have a better understanding of how this all works, I’ll be much better equipped to know what I’m looking at and how to proceed post-inspection with any future reports we get you to do.

Covenant Management

The consensus from the group is that the course went really well. Everyone came out with a good understanding of what is required and how we can move on. They thought the course was presented really well and having the books and memory sticks was a good way of studying the course content.

Rae Jarvis

NHS Lothian

nhs lothian