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    I would like to thank Neil for the training that he has provided to our Company. His knowledge, experience and expertise on fire doors is exceptional. All who took part thoroughly enjoyed the training and now feel more confident in the maintenance and installation of fire doors and take the knowledge gained into their daily duties.

    David Todd


    It has been a pleasure learning about Fire Doors and all the information and self tests that were given with the course was spot on and easy to use.

    Declan Rooney


    Neil Ashdown would be my go to guy on fire doors. Unrivalled experience. He's a guy you can trust.

    Dex Allen


    Thank you. I am new to the world of fire doors and it has been a good learning process for me, so thankyou for your patience with my various questions. I’m sure that now I have a better understanding of how this all works, I’ll be much better equipped to know what I’m looking at and how to proceed post-inspection with any future reports we get you to do.

    Covenant Management

    The consensus from the group is that the course went really well. Everyone came out with a good understanding of what is required and how we can move on. They thought the course was presented really well and having the books and memory sticks was a good way of studying the course content.

    Rae Jarvis

    NHS Lothian

    nhs lothian