Consultancy & Specifications
                     "Neil Ashdown would be my go to guy on fire doors. Unrivalled experience. He's a guy you can trust" Dex Allen

Experience has taught that in many instances the fire door installed by the contractor fails to meet the building users’ needs. Having a complete knowledge of the types of doors and configurations available as well specification for correct installation will ensure the doors are fit for purpose.

In a busy building and especially where safe emergency evacuation and fire protection are important issues, poor specification can lead to unnecessary expense. Sometimes lack of knowledge at specification stage has led to premature damage to new doors or new doors installed that fail to comply with fire safety regulations. These issues are easily avoidable by seeking the right advice.


We can help avoid such problems and therefore help you to save money in your refurbishment project or new build. 

If you use our consultancy service we can provide advice about how to achieve the best outcome in terms of the correct specification for the fire doors, the door hardware and installation required to meet your needs.

And importantly, also to comply with fire safety law, building regulations and to help make your building safer. 

This will help you procure the right products and services as well as maximising the service life of the doors.

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