"Thanks for delivering the session on Saturday.  We’ve had some really positive feedback from the candidates who are now confident to be assessed by FIRAS.  If we need any further training in the future, we’ll be in touch"

Martin Prior, Health and Safety Manager, LPL Construction Services



Subsequent to the Grenfell Tower tragedy in June 2017 UK Government launched an independent review of fire safety in buildings. This identified a need for improvements in the way fire safety measures, including fire doors, are installed and maintained. Currently a government led working group is looking at competency requirements for those that install and maintain fire safety measures.

These days many organisations, particularly across the housing, healthcare and education sectors, require that fire door installers, inspectors and maintenance contractors can demonstrate their competence by having suitable qualifications or certification.


Here at Fire Doors Complete, we provide in depth training for those that install, inspect and maintain fire doors. Subject to successfully completing the course, including final examination, each delegate receives a certificate of achievement.


Study work can in all cases (except for the BWF course) be done from home or at work, via our remote learning packages. However should you prefer traditional face to face methods, you can instead come to our training centre at Queniborough near Leicester.


See below for information about our training packages, with prices starting from £ 250 plus VAT.

1. BWF Fire Door Installation Awareness two day course

    This theory only course, delivered at our training centre at Queniborough, is intended to ensure participants              have a clear understanding of:

   The role of timber fire doors and why they should be installed correctly.

   How fire doors work and their place in a passive fire protection system.

   Legislation and guidance associated with fire doors.

   Considerations before installing fire doors.

   Considerations when installing fire doors.

   Considerations after the installation of fire doors.

The British Woodworking Federation have developed this course and we deliver the course under licence.,Network%20%28NOCN%29%20Approved%20Centres%2C%20based%20on%20robust%20criteria. 


2.  Timber Fire Doors: Installation module.
      This training package is designed for installation contractors, fabric engineers, maintenance teams, carpenters        and joiners. People that already have the practical skills but require more useful knowledge about compliance          with the regulations and standards that apply when installing timber-based fire doors in new and existing


3.   Timber Fire Doors: Maintenance module.

      This training package is designed for refurbishment contractors, fabric engineers, maintenance teams,   

       carpenters and joiners. People that already have the practical skills but require more useful knowledge about           compliance with the regulations and standards that apply to maintenance and repairs of timber-based fire 


4.    Timber Fire Doors: Inspection module.

       This training package is designed for those that inspect fire doors. Candidates are expected to have prior                   knowledge of timber-based doors or safety management at buildings. People that already understand the                 function of fire doors and escape doors but that require the specialist knowledge to be able to provide                         inspection services. It is a requirement for this course that all candidates complete the practical training as               well as the theory.

Optional practical hands-on assessments are available for those that successfully pass the exams for the Installation and the Maintenance training courses.

Where the delegate successfully completes the practical assessment they may choose to be listed at our website as a qualified fire door installer or fire door maintainer.

The Inspector training course includes a practical hands-on training session as standard and all candidates must successfully complete the practical assessment as well as the theory examination.

They may also choose to be listed at our website.


Prices below are quoted excluding VAT. There is a sliding scale so that applications for multiple delegates receive a useful discount.





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